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MT Windows Door Canopies and Door Surrounds

Our unique range of over-door canopies have been specifically designed to enhance the external appearance of any home. We provide a variety of designs to suit all types of buildings irrespective of the age or style of the property.

Manufactured from rigid Glass Reinforced Plastic our products provide a maintenance free alternative to the traditionally built canopy. A simple wipe over with soapy water will maintain the canopies attractive appearance for years.


Richmond Door Canopie Richmond Door Canopie Dimensions


Kendal Door Canopie Kendal Door Canopie Dimensions


Shirburn Door Canopie Shirburn Door Canopie Dimensions


Elsdon Door Canopie Elsdon Door Canopie Dimensions


Helmsley Door Canopie Helmsley Door Canopie Dimensions


Cloebury Door Canopie Cloebury Door Canopie Dimensions


Hadleigh Door Canopie Hadleigh Door Canopie Dimensions


Langley Door Canopie


Colours available on the tile effect roof are
 Slate Grey, Tile Red, Brown or Green.
 RICHMOND and SHIRBURN only available in
: Light Brown, Dark Brown or White

Canopy Colours

Door Surrounds

Victorian and Georgian door surrounds have been specially developed to enhance the exterior of the home, traditionally styled from original wooden patterns these GRP surrounds are easily cleaned and maintenance free.


Victorian Door Surround Victorian Door Surround Dimensions


Georgian Door Surround Georgian Door Surround Dimensions


All G.R.P. prices are available 
in three shades of white, standard white, deep 
pillars white, and ultra white. 

Door Surround Colours